Remus Lupin (luna_servitus) wrote in __incendio,
Remus Lupin

Hogsmeade Trip!

Who: Everyone who's going to Hogsmeade
What: Last trip to Hogsmeade before end of term.
Why: Because we said so.

It was nice to get away from classes and stress, if only for a little while. Though in some cases, the stress wouldn't go away just because they'd left the castle.

For Remus though, he was just happy his friends would be spending time together the way they used to. He was entirely aware that times change and one should not be afraid to embrace that, but there was something immeasurably comforting about being The Marauders and feeling like that would never change.

Today, they would not discuss classes---never really did anyway. They would not discuss the war. They would not discuss whatever else was gnawing at their brains. At least, Remus wouldn't.
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