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Who: Sirius and Andy
Where: Sirius's Secret Make-Out Suite down the Third Floor Corridor
When: A few hours before James tells his fellow Marauders about his . . . alliance . . . with Lily.
Why: Because Andy needs a Talking To.

Sirius was getting fed up -- which was saying something. 

As an individual with a tendency towards, and indeed, one who took pride in, being astonishingly irritating himself, he had a high threshold of annoyance, especially when it came to girls.  However, the situation with Andy was proving somewhat abnormal, and red impatience jangled through every nerve in his legs as he strode down the Charms corridor, eyes fixed to the back of her pretty head. 

He was tired of being treated like nothing, like dirt under her feet whenever he approached her at meals or in-between classes; nevermind that he treated other people like that all the time.  It was different with Andy, because -- like the smoking -- it just wasn't her.  The last thing he wanted was for his favourite cousin to turn into some cringing shadow of the other women in the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.

'I've been teaching Alicia Tenbroek the alphabet,'  he'd said. Christ. It had been a satisfying encounter at the time, for all parties involved, but Sirius wished like hell for the umpteenth time that he'd been in the Great Hall for Bella's Howler; there must've been a clue, some tipoff as to why Andromeda was acting so strangely.   He had a feeling he knew, but . . . he'd rather she say so herself.

Sirius increased his speed and kept his footfalls as silent as he could, till he could reach out and touch her elbow.   This would be easy.

Or so he told himself.

"Hallo Andy!" he said brightly, taking a firm hold of her arm.  "I think it's time for a family meeting, don't you?"

Without another word, he steered her 'round a corner down a smaller, adjoining hallway, then towards a tapestry depicting the story of Beowulf at its end.  He drew the dusty cloth aside, revealing a heavy door, which he opened and promptly directed Andromeda through.
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