Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

Where: Library
Who: Remus and Lily
Why: Because library dates are cool.

Lily pushed open the library door, her book bag over shoulder and three books piled up in her arms that she had borrowed over the weekend. Setting them down in the tray, she gave Madam Pince a nod and received a glare in return. Lily just shook her head. She had returned the books, what more did the librarian want? Her firstborn?

She made her way to the back of the library, near the windows, weaving in and around the bookshelves. She knew Remus was back here and she was looking forward to studying with him. He was one of the few people she knew that took all this as seriously as she did. Spotting him sitting at one of the smaller tables, she made her way over and put her bag down.

"Alright Remus?" she said, by way of a greeting. It felt strange, him not knowing about her and James, even though he was one of James' best friends. She hadn't been able to look at Sirius all week, for fear he would guess, but that wasn't out of the ordinary. She often didn't go out of her way to talk to Sirius. But Remus was different. He was her friend, too.
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