James Potter (prongs_deer) wrote in __incendio,
James Potter

Who: Marauders all
Where: Sixth year Gryffindor boys' dorm
When: Two weeks after The Snowball Fight of Lurve
Why: Because, whipped as he undoubtedly is, James can't stand it.

Everyone has a breaking point. James's always took a long time to reach--for all that he could be spastic about things, he was patient, he knew how to wait, to be cool-headed and calm and rational. He was the counterbalance to Sirius's impulsive, reckless nature. It was this steadiness that had allowed him to survive two weeks of keeping a very big, very exciting secret from even his best friends, from Sirius, who was the only person who knew the most incriminating, most humiliating, most absolutely horrifically secret secrets that James had. Twitchy and edgy and grouchy though he'd been, he'd kept quiet.

Enough, however, was more than enough. James had just spent two hours in the back recesses of the library "studying" with Lily, the result of which had obliged him to let her charm the lipstick off his face before they'd left. There was nothing particularly distinguishing about that particular "study" session, except that perhaps it was one too many, and James's guilt about not telling the other Marauders finally overbalanced his guilt over going against Lily's wishes. She could get angry if she was going to get angry, and they had to have a first spat at some point, but he couldn't stand it anymore.

Having bulldozed several bewildered students in his haste to get back to the dormitory (and the others had damned well better be there, he had thought fiercely as he nearly tore a tapestry from its hangings getting access to its secret passage), James exploded into the dormitory. He slammed the door behind him and flung his bag to the floor, glancing around wildly as he yanked his tie loose. He looked like a madman.

"I kissed Lily," he announced in an unessecarily loud voice given the size of the room and the fact that his friends were not, in fact, deaf. His voice was higher than normal, and half-hysterical. "I kissed Lily two weeks ago and she kissed me back! Kissed, not slapped, kissed! And we're together! In the together sense of being together, with, with the snogging and the flying and sneaking around and holding hands and snowball fights and she's my girlfriend, and it's really, really fucking weird, and if any of you tells anyone I'm going to have to gut you, because--because I am," he finished lamely, breathing quickly and staring around at them.
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