Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

What: Lily and James
Where: Pitch and Skies
Why: Because it's all a big secret.

Lily pulled on her coat and hurried down the stairs from the dormitory. She fought hard to keep the smile off of her face, not looking at anyone so that she wouldn't be distracted or waylaid. Dee had already asked her what the hurry was and what did she keep smiling about, and it was getting hard keeping this from her friends. At the same time though, there was something thrilling about it, something secretive. This was the only thing that was hers and hers alone, and part of her liked it.

She got to the entrance hall, and looked around to make sure no one was taking particular notice of her. Peter was coming out of the Great Hall with an apple in his hand, munching away with a strange look on his face. He saw her and grinned widely, showing apple, but she didn't stop and left him looking a little hurt, watching her back as she went. She felt a little pang of guilt as she walked away from him, but she didn't want to keep James waiting.

Reaching the pitch, she was increasingly thankful for the gloves she had shoved in her pocket before coming down and now pulled them out and put them on her cold hands. Her scarf was tucked tightly into her coat, and her hair was down, being blown around slightly by the small breeze. She noticed James standing beside one of the stands and she walked over to him, trying her best not to run, but she couldn't keep a small skip out of her step. Reaching him, she smiled, holding onto the front of his jacket, and leaned in for a kiss.

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