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Who: Patch and Andromeda
When: Two days after Ted and Patch's argument
Where: Ravenclaw Common Room
Why: Lucy (and Ted)

It didn't look like a set-up. Andromeda had made certain of that. She didn't know Patch's take on his argument with Ted or how it had ended, and she was taking no chances of being avoided. She was sitting calmly ensconced in a wingback chair, head bowed over a thick book, but for the last half-hour she had been keeping a peripheral eye on the door, waiting patiently for Patch to show up.

Though still angry about what he'd said to Ted, Andy had cooled down since last night and was resolved to keep calm. She had no business caring about Ted enough to be that offended on his behalf, she told herself sternly, frowning at her book. (She hadn't absorbed a word of it in the last fifteen minutes.) It was too clear a signpost of an affection that was markedly not platonic, and there was no point in tht sort of investment in him. He was just her friend. That was all. It was just that Patch had no right whatsoever to pull the pure-blood card on Ted, or to bring his family into it--she had no idea how the conversation had been flipped around like that anyway, when it was supposed to have been about Lucy.

Lucy. Andromeda grimaced and shifted to lean against the other arm of the chair, feeling restless and a little guilty. She had to remember that. Above all, this was about Lucy.</cut>
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