Ted Tonks (tonky_wonky) wrote in __incendio,
Ted Tonks

what's the worth of

Who: Ted, Patch
What: Ted talks to Patch about Lucy.
Where: Outside the Great Hall > ?
Why: 'cause the times are a-changin'

Ted glanced down at his watch--still wasn't working. He shook it a little, a frown on his face. He knew it looked suspicious, him standing outside the Great Hall, leaning against a wall, looking nervously about. One would assume that he was spying, or perhaps doing something more sinister then just talk to someone.

In reality, he was just there to share Andromeda's (and his, to a certain extent) concerns about Lucy. Though he told himself that his concern over Lucy was making him a proper grouch in all of his classes, he knew he was still in a bad mood over Andromeda and Monsier de Mort-something.

Ted shook his head, trying to rid him of such thoughts. His mind should've been in the here and now. Andromeda could take care of herself. It was Lucy who they all should've been concerned about--

"Patch," Ted said hurriedly, trying to grin. "All right, mate?"
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