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James Potter

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Who: Lily and James
What: James trying to earn some points and/or genuinely being sweet
Where: The Library
Why: Because he luuuurves her

Ten minutes after he'd told Lily it would be fifteen minutes (not that he'd taken all the stairs from Gryffindor Tower to the kitchens two at a time, or anything mad like that), a knot of fifth years huddled their way into the library, hang-dog looks on every face. James, perfectly unseen behind them and holding a mug of hot chocolate in each hand, shook his head and tutted at their care-worn expressions. Fifth years. Always thinking about O.W.L.s, no time at all for fun.

The disapproving noise caught the attention of the last fifth-year in the door, the one James had shadowed to get in. She stopped and looked over her shoulder, lovely, vapid blue eyes puzzled as she stared at nothing. James grinned at her from under the Cloak and raised one of the mugs in a cheeky, silent salut. The girl followed her friends, and James, smug, weaved his way between people, stacks, and desks to where Lily had said she was.

Still under the Cloak, he pulled a chair out from the table with his foot, right across from Lily. He glanced around once to be sure they were alone, then set down one of the mugs and whipped the Cloak off with a flourish, holding the second mug out to her.


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