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Who: Ted and Andromeda
What: Andy and Ted go for a walk after she gets out of the Hospital Wing
Where: Who knows? Such is the nature of walks.
Why: Why indeed.

This was probably irresponsible of her, Andromeda thought, waving to Alice as she crossed the Hospital Wing, immensely pleased to be doing so on her own two feet. She should be telling Imogen to get the hell out of the school, straightening things out with Lucy, but--and she told herself this really had nothing to do with Ted's invitation--she'd end up doing more harm than good if Lucy saw her get into a row with Imogen, which was of course inevitable. Andy couldn't stand the older girl, never had been able to, and listening to the words she'd clearly put into Lucy's mouth, hearing the same loyalist rubbish--it was bad enough from the perspective that she had started considering Lucy a friend, albiet a very young one. What was worse was that this--watching family be used as an excuse to twist a child into a path that led to nothing good--had happened before. Twice. First Regulus and Narcissa, and just when Andromeda had thought that maybe there was a chance to spare a third kid all that mess, Imogen swooped in. She couldn't have been here more than a few days, and already she'd undone a raport it'd taken Andromeda weeks to build--

And that, the way her temper had just run short, was exactly why she was going for a walk with Ted instead of to row with Imogen. A clear head would serve her better, and she couldn't afford to mess up. Not this.

Besides. She really did fancy going for a walk with him, as much as she'd been admittedly surprised that he'd asked. Tucking a wayward strand of soft brown hair behind her ear, Andromeda pushed the Hospital Wing doors open and stepped into the corridor wearing the Muggle hip-hugger bell-bottoms, jumper, and trianers that her parents didn't know she owned. It was an ordeal, but she'd managed to get hold of Muggle clothes every term since third year. She always had to get rid of them before she went home for Christmas and summer holidays, but she refused to wear robes twenty-four hours a day. No one else her age did, and what her parents didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

It wasn't far to the suits of armour from the Infirmary doors, and Andromeda rounded the corner to them as she tugged down the hem of her jumper a bit nervously. She had butterflies in her stomach, just a bit, which she told herself was stupid. It was just Ted, she saw him all the time, worked with him for school stuff. No reason at all to be nervous. Certainly no reason at all for the smile she couldn't seem to get control of as she came around the corner.
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