Julie Mobblestone (mobbleblood) wrote in __incendio,
Julie Mobblestone

do you recall

What: Julie and Patch harvest plants
When: Early evening
Who: Julie, Patch, Jon
Where: Greenhouse 4. Note: Complete.

BeesDontSleep: Patch grabbed at one of the small plants, pulling hard to unearth the root beneath it. The plant wriggled and screeched, but Patch held strong and eventually pulled it clear out of the dragon-dung manure in which it was planted. He wiped at his brow after throwing it into a narrow bucket at his feet, unconsciously wiping mud across his face.

His hair stuck to his head with sweat as he put his whole self into the work so he didn't have to think about anything else.

He looked up as the door to the greenhouse opened and Julie walked in. He nodded to her, before grabbing another plant by the stalk. "Feeling ok?" he asked over his shoulder.

socks are angsty: "Fine," Julie growled, although she was undeniably pale. She chalked it up to running around with headless third years all day, shuffling them between classes before they had been canceled, the kitchens to grab food to eat, to the Common Room to try to lighten up the mood (which was remarkably hard to do when half of your house was missing).

She grabbed a bucket of her own and settled in the open space across from Patch. "You? Er, is your sister doing any better?"

BeesDontSleep: Patch gritted his teeth before answering, pulling up the root and throwing it viciously into the bucket with a little more force than was necessary.

"She's still sick. Or she was, before I came down here. Throwing up, couldn't focus on anything, talking nonsense." He swallowed thickly. "I'm sure she'll be fine though." He added, his voice falsely positive.

socks are angsty: "Everyone's working on figuring out what the hell's going on," Julie commented, gripping one of the roots, and tugging it out with all her strength. She stumbled backwards when it popped loose, then carelessly threw it into the bucket. "It won't be too long before someone figures it out."

BeesDontSleep: "I bloody well hope so" he replied. "We've enough people here who're supposed to be good at this stuff." He wiped at the sweat on his forehead again, it was so bloody hot in the greenhouse. "They got any idea who did it yet?"

socks are angsty: "I heard--" Julie turned away to cough into her shoulder. Without brushing the dirt off, she rose a hand to her face to cover her mouth until she retained control a few moments later. Her face smeared with a few streaks of mud, she reached down into the warm soil infront of her again. "I heard some rumours going around that it was a prank that went bad. I think that's just wishful thinking though."
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