Ted Tonks (tonky_wonky) wrote in __incendio,
Ted Tonks

What: Ted finds Andromeda
When: Late afternoon/early evening
Who: Ted, Andromeda
Where: Fifth floor > hospital wing?

Ted had just dropped off a pair of Gryffindor third years at the hospital wing. He'd run into them in the hallway on his way to Andromeda, and couldn't bear to leave the two students clutching each other, wandering aimlessly, their robes soaked through with sweat.

Madame Pomfrey, upon seeing Ted enter for the hospital wing for the thousandth time that day, gave him strict orders to get some dinner and rest, though she looked too tired to enforce them. He had smiled pleasantly at her, promised to do so, and promptly set off at a run as soon as he was around the corner and out of her sight.

His journal in his robe pocket, nestled next to his wand, banged against his leg as he ran up the steps of the staircase two at a time. Why did Andromeda have to be all the way on the fifth floor? He glanced around, trying to remember whether the statue of Gregory was to his right or left.
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