August 19th, 2007


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[Characters] Open to anyone who'd care to visit the sick people! (In case anyone'd like to rp the visiting of Dee. Because I am bored. Bah.)

[Setting] Hospital wing, on the day when Dee's visiting restrictions were lifted - keeping track of dates, you say? What does that entail?

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[Characters]: Anyone involved with the preparations for the wedding. Boys with boys, girls with girls.

FYI, Sirius left Snorkle wandering near the kitchens and sent an owl to Julie, asking her to pick Snorkle up and help her fit him her into his her dress.

Sirius sent another owl to Jon to get his arse over to the portrait of the fat lady and wait for him in order to get him in.

Sirius also posted a note around the school looking for a licensed friar to wed him and Snorkle. Yes.

[Why]: Pre-wedding preparations! I think we’re going to RP this over the span of this week, yeah. Another thread will be posted to have the ‘actual’ wedding set up.

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