August 1st, 2007


To each house, posted by the head of each house

To all Students;
You may be aware of the recent events in the wizarding world, involving certain so called 'hate-groups' towards Muggles and those of half blood descent. I wish to inform you all that thoughts and actions of these kinds will not be tolerated within Hogwarts, or surrounding areas during the school year.

I would hope that you, as students of one of the most prestigious wizarding schools in the world, would place yourselves above the recent controversy and live as examples of tolerance and inclussion of your peers. Exclussion of any sort, initiated by any group will be punished with severe measures.

The Headmaster wishes to inform you that despite these events, Hogwarts shall be remaining open for all who wish to remain here. It is at times such as these that unity within our walls is vital. If any student wishes to talk, our doors are always open and we shall do everything in our power to help you.

Enjoy the year ahead, study hard, and I hope you all encounter no problems here at Hogwarts.

Professor M. McGonagle