July 16th, 2007


Library Shenanigans

WHO: Jon, Nandini, Julie, Ted, Alice,

WHERE: Library, o'course!


Nan looked frustratedly at her finished Potions essay. It was just enough that it was done. It needed to actually be good. And it was far, far from good. And no matter how much she concentrated on it, it just seemed to go from "Somewhat, maybe, if you're really lucky, acceptable" to "terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad."

She just couldn't win.

Jon sat in a nook of the library far from the hawkish eyes of Madame Pince on a table.

Or rather, he was sprawled on the top of a table staring up discontentedly at the ceiling, where he noticed several cracks running across the ceiling tiles and wondered briefly if he should be fearing for his life.

But eventually, that musing passed, and he was left staring at the ceiling a top a library table thinking about nothing in particular and he sighed dramatically.