June 26th, 2007

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  • dabria

And we're back

We're starting again. If you're in, then start posting. If not, let us know so we know what characters are up for grabs. Its 6th year (for the marauders), Knights of Walpurgis (aka Deatheaters) are growing.

We are playing it so that they are two months ahead of our time, so that their holidays don't clash with ours and we can still get some rp goodness from them. So it's 25th August their time, a week before 6th year starts.

I can't be bothered emailing and chasing anyone about this, so do as you please. I'll be arpying, even if you all won't.


T'was evening in Pembrokeshire. Dina, having just jumped off a particularly slow-moving bus, deciding that walking to Lily's would probably be quicker, rummaged around in her pocket for her map of the area. To think she'd been in Lily's class for nearly six years and friends with her for at least five of those without ever having visisted her home! Madness. Pure madness. Locating and unfolding the slightly battered-looking map, she wished she had brought a flashlight - it was nearing autumn and the evenings were only getting darker. At least they'd be back at school soon, free to cast Lumos whenever they'd please.

As she squinted at the map to be able to read and navigated the streets of Pembrokeshire, she had the fleeting thought that maybe walking around in the dark all by her lonesome might not be the cleverest thing to do. Not anymore. Before parting after having finished school earlier this summer, Professor Dumbledore had warned them all to be wary of that group of anti-muggles and anti-muggleborns and half-bloods - anti ninety-five percent of the school, so it seemed to Dee. They were rumored to call themselves something akin to The Knights of Walpurgis and apparently, they were on the rise. While Dee didn't like to admit to herself that she was scared, she stopped to take her wand out of her trunk and stick it in the waist band of her skirt, so that she would be able to grab it quickly, should she need to.

However, she managed to make her way to Pelcomb Hill Lane 23 without any too alarming incidents, except for being startled by a dog that was quite large but that, all things considered, seemed friendly. Smoothing down her skirt and running a hand through her hair - after all, she wanted to make a good impression on her best friend's parents - she lifted her hand and rang the door bell.