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There's going to be a meeting: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 12-NOON.

At my house!
There will be food, and drink.

If you need directions or anything else, just IM me xchuchutrain.

Tell as many members as you can! :)
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Announcment about Meetings

Okay, I'm really bored, so I decided to make this spiffy announcement.

After a meeting with what? Three of us? We've decided, since no one has guitar lessons/art classes/dance on Thursdays, that would be when we have meetings. >>


Whee. So next thursday is our first official meeting. I'll be telling everyone I can find, and I hope you (meaning: who/if anyone reads this) will, too!

We just need to know where we're having it.

I offer my house, no parents, but no a/c in the kitchen. I don't have a living room so our options are the hot (but luckily not as hot as outside) kitchen and my room. (which is air conditioned because I'm a brat.)

Anyone else can offer their house/an idea as to where we can have it. I don't think we'll be having it at the school for a while, if at all, due to the chaos that is our lovely MHS.
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I'd spend all night, losing sleep.


Tomorrow is the second Tuesday of the school year, so that means, Imagine meeting!

We had been tossing around the idea for Tuesday meetings at first, and I figured the sooner we start, the better. Tomorrow is by no way binding us to the day Tuesday, I know that Youth in Government is on Tuesdays, but not tomorrow. So we'll get tomorrow to chat.

And excuse my bad english, I'm currently eating myself into an ice cream coma to make up for my little episode in gym class. >>;

I need to know who can make it and who cannot. We aren't having it at the school because the school is in utter anarchy at the moment and they'll growl at us or something. I hate putting up with them.

I know that two [I think] of us cannot make it because of Tennis, no worries, we'll hook you up with an overview of what went on.

I am currently trying to get a hold on Reanna. Unfortunately, she is not on AIM and I have no phone at the moment other than a half-dead jerk cellphone [it had a rough day, too. It can't eat itself into an ice cream coma, though, it doesn't have a mouth. (haha)] So if you talk to her, or are her, tell her to IM/E-mail/come to my house and harass me. It's muy importante.

Let me know if you can/cannot make it, and everyone is, of course, encouraged to bring fresh-faces. ^^;

I'll let everyone I can find in the morning if/where we're having it. :)
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Pink Food Colouring.

So Kelly was in my house the other day, and we started to talk about imagine.

We'd like to start having regular meetings, as much as I really hate to have imagine without Cassi, it seems inevitable. And I can't spell.

So, school = imagine meetings?

I figure that about a week or two into school we can all decide on a day we have free.
It can be changed with the changing of sports seasons and all that, of course.

And when it's nice outside, we can just bum around outside, and when it gets cold we can just go to someone's house or something. Since everyone in the school apparently hates us.

And we can get back to our goofing off in a large group?

So, let me know what you think.

And start looking for anything you might want to discuss [pop culture, politics, whatever.], for now you can do it in the community, and in the future we'll get to see eachother face-to-face for it.

And OMG Two Days.
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(no subject)

Hey guys. I made an affiliate community on GJ, here

I seems we are sort of shifting over there a little, and this comm is ridiculously dead.

But I heard we are starting up Imagine again this summer, and i thought a community we be a good way for everyone to even just read, to know whats going on.

I'm gonna work on the layout and it's gonna be awesome. (Obviously I won't leave it like that, all ugly.)

I made it a moderated membership so no one mistakes us for a John Lennon Community. If you really aren't involved with Imagine, you don't need to be in the comm. lol.

You don't even need to get a GJ, you don't have to post in it. You can just read it for upcoming events and whatnot if you like.

So yeah.

or else we. are coming. up.

Jax and I were talking yesterday. She said we should start doing stuff again. I agree.
I had tried to get imagine up at the beginning of the school year, but that obviously didnt work out. The notebook got taken by Mrs. Scotto, and i think she like, corrected my HTML or something.
To get back on track, I am going to start passing around another notebook when we get back to school and I am hoping we can pass it around to everyone as well as we did the other notebook.
For now, personally I dont think meetings are too important for now, at least until we can get communication up. Also, as we know Cassandra generally has stuff after school, this is a good way to get everybody in, you see?
Does anyone else have any ideas or plans involving Imagine that they want to get started up?


Ps. It also just occured to me there there are people in here I am not firmiliar with. If you dont know me, chances are I dont know you, so lets introduce ourselves! lol I'm Reanna. I love acronyms, art, and music, as well as intellectual conversations and movies.

I feel like Our father in his 37th floor penthouse suite right now. how...odd.
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