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♥ We're in love
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THE COMMUNiTY: Hello & welcome to __ilovehim. This community is for all
of the lucky girls on Livejournal that have found that SPECiAL SOMEONE to love.
In this community you can share anything & everything. This community isn't
just a community for those who have boyfriends / fiancee's / husbands, etc.
You can always find someone to give you advice if you ever need it, or just a shoulder
to cry on. In this community we do not accept harassment, any type
of rude & uncalled for comments. Of course there are rules
that you must follow. See below to read them.

THE RULES: 1) You must put "♥ New!" in the subject title if you are NEW.
If you've already joined, just put "♥".
2) Please put your entry on FRiENDS ONLY. You will have 48 hours to the time of
your post if it's not on FRiENDS ONLY to change it. If not your post will be deleted
by your mod, __jeremeswifey, and you will need to re-join.
3) You must fill out the survey within 48 hours of joining, if your moderator has seen
that you joined, and then 48 hours later you still have not posted, you will be removed,
and you must re-join. Every 12-13 hours you will be reminded of how long you've been a member,
and how much longer you have to post until you will be removed from the members list.
4) You MUST respect every member of the community. Any spam, bashing, flaming, etc will not
be tolerated, and you will NOT be given a warning, with that, you will be automatically
removed from the community, and banned.
5) If you are banned and removed and you join with a new user name, you automatically will be removed
again. Please don't make extra work for me. I am trying to be as civil with you as I can.

1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Date of birth:
4) How long have you been with your boyfriend?
5) How old is your boyfriend?
6) Is it a LDR relationship (Online, or no)?
7) What is your boyfriends name?
8) Location, please:
9) Any particular reason you've joined?
10) Please promote to your friends, and other communities, only if they allow promoting!
11) Who have you promoted us to?

Your moderators name is MARiAH. I'm FiFTEEN years old, and in a very serious relationship
with Jereme (26). It, for the time being IS a LDR, and we have plans of meeting in the future.
If you have any questions please ask me in my personal journal, __jeremeswifey.