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Volo Noscere


The Illuminati
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If you are here then you are either curiously nosey or have been invited over this direction. The posts and content within are 'Friend's Only' which is to say you must be a Member to have access inside. Simple enough, no? If you came here on your own volition though you may certainly request to join us but upon said request please leave a comment with an explanation of why you should be granted membership. There is no set of guidelines to the application save that you must be creative and convincing please. Ennui can set in easily so use your talents of writing, persuasion, argument, photogrpahy, drawing... whatever it takes.

Also, if/once you gain membership you may certainly suggest others to be eligible for joining us but they are still on their own for creating a case for the final approval. No free rides here...

September 30th 2004 Edit: We are a brand new community as you can see. We are currently recruiting and getting things going within. We look forward to seeing what sort of minds this draws and what members have to contribute.
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