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IIICONS - a graphics community.

featuring icons, headers, and more.

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IIICONS - over 35,000 members!
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rules: if you are taking anything please comment and credit this journal. and please please don't redistribute my icons or say that you made them. if i find out someone is stealing i will ban them from the community. PLEASE only use my icons on livejournal or greatestjournal. I don't want my icons posted on xanga! I'm sick of seeing them stolen and redistributed there!
info: in this community i post mostly icons and "color"bars. i also post headers and friends only signs sometimes. but to see the graphics you must JOIN THE COMMUNITY




Lime-Light (Various Celebs)
Magical Screencaps (Disney Screencaps)
Kiwi Olsen (Olsen Twins)
Screencap Paradise (OC Screencaps)
Mischa B (Mischa Barton)
Lindsay Fan (Lindsay Lohan)
Lohan Online (Lindsay Lohan)
Forever Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton)
Rachel Bilson (Rachel Bilson)
Ashlee Star (Ashlee Simpson)
JMA Zone (Jessica Alba)
Desiring Hayden (Hayden Christensen)
Jed Root, Inc. (Fashion/Celebs)
Ultimate KC (Kelly Clarkson)
Tempting Thrill (Britney Spears)
Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie)
Adam Brody (Adam Brody)
Noise Bot (T-Shirts)
Hilary Net (Hilary Duff)
Kate Bosworth Web (Kate Bosworth)
Hilary Pictures (Hilary Duff)
Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman)
MK & Ashley World (Olsen Twins)
Rachel McAdams Online (Rachel McAdams)
Sweet Kisses (Jessica Simpson)
80's Tees (T-Shirts)
Lost Media (Lost)
Model Couture (Models)
Movie Freaks (Various Screencaps)
Cap It (Various Screencaps)
Stock.XCHNG (Stock Images)

_colorbarlove_ lovestruckicons addicted__icons streetqueen spritegraphix sequined_ everydayicons popicontest glamour__icons glamour__ch el_jay_icons graficsanonymus _angst_is_love_ cake_icons __embellish emmysdream natural_belle sparklegraphics purplehazearts fruit_icons willbelate __limeshadow critically heiressgraphics boogieland _confetticons phantasy_icons geeksinthepink icons_by_ashley personified_ robinson_affair octagonal_icons fashionplanet dead__icons silentstrumpet x_____novicane _star_icons layout_hth freebees visualxcandy iicongasmic jh_graphics

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