Glue rocks...


I so belong here, so here I am! Doesn't glue rock? Huh?

I'll leave you guys with a thought--

A a terrible thing to waste.

Yeah...I'm bored.



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i want everyone who joins this to fill this out...(inspired by eric!!)....that is if you want to anyways.

LOSER: high
GEEK: high
NERD: moderate
BAND GEEK: moderate...i'm not in band,but i'm obsessed with my guitar
WEIRDO: extremely high
LAME-O: high
LONER: high
SMARTY PANTS: extremely low
KID THAT EATS GLUE: ahh the good ol' days....

anyways i think being a geek has it's up's and downs.
i mean,
it's cool being different and having your own opinions but
at the same time
it sucks.
a lot.

my stomach hurts.
i wish i could eat like a normal person.
this is two days in a row i have to write down binge in my food journal.

happy thursday.
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(no subject)

hah i am such a loser.

glad you made this.

i also don't have much of a life at all. :-/

but i am the hugest band geek and i felt the need to join this, i think this will be good for me. if i write here lol. i've switched to writing in a handwritten journal and then my online one only sometimes so i dunno how often i'll write

but yeaaaaaa band is like my life, i barely have a social life

okay i don't have much to say lol byeeeee
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hey gabbie,

I just joined.

by the way, I have no life.

So I made the United States Marine Corp. my life.

which isn't really a life,

but something to hold onto.

Semper fi.
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(no subject)

hey i made this community.

doubt anyone will join and if they do they won't write in it.

well they should.

it's a freeeee place.

but please if you join be a nerd.
i'll be really mad if you're not.

bye bye now :)