No one's updated in here for a while!

Why not?!

Oh well, I will then.

I'm listening to the Scrubs theme song. OMG that show is hillarious. The janitor with the taxidermy squirrel army...WOO, too funny.

So um...hows it going with you guys?


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mr met

i forgot to do this

Loser: high
Geek : pretty high
Band Geek: i play bass but im bad and i want to start a band so high
Weirdo:hahaha dangerously high
Social Outkast:amoung the populars
Lame-o: a fair amount
Loner: ehh
Smarty Pants: yes
kid that eats glue: tehehe i was glueing shizz last night and i ate some off my finger

ugh i want my pizza to fucking come here already >:o

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(what is giddy?)
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We didn't start the fire but when we are gone, it will still burn on and on and on and on.....

thanks to everyone who responded to my last post... i'm still worried about her, but she seemed to perk up a little bit today... definitley not as much as she was, but its an improvement, i guess.

last year, i read a book called "On the Fringe" and its a collection of short stories about the kids on the edge, you could say. the "geeks", "losers", "nerds" and so on.. I really learned a lot from it, and most of the stories were pretty interesting. just thought i'd reccomend it to you guys.

The book is "dedicated to every kid who has ever been called a hurtful name. And to every kid who has tried to feel superior by putting down someone else".

"Most of the time, the oddballs in your school survive on internal strength alone, lying low, staying out of the way. A few others may flaunt their differerentness by dyeing their hair garish pink or blue and goofing loudly in the hallways. A few students have even hurt so much and felt so alone that they've killed themselves."
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*I just posted this in my normal LJ, had to go and delete it...*sigh**

Hola, mates! It's my brothers birthday today! (17...yikes)

Um...Gabbie and I have a new idea for something really least we think it is, we have to go to the guidence counselor and ask them if we can actually do it, but ask one of us and we'll tell you what it is. It's TRES cool.

I'll give you a hint...we want to start a new club.

BUT THAT'S ALL I'LL SAY! Because...I don't want to ruin it. It's a pretty *out-there* idea, sort of.

So, about this...isn't this awesome?! I mean the community, of course. It rocks! Makes me proud to be a loser. Oh yeah...


LC (Lauren)
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filling out...

ok, since this form was inspired by me in an IM to Gabbie...I FEEL SPECIAL!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Loser: high
Band Geek: Not in one, but want to be in one, so high
Social Outkast:as HIGH AS THE CHARTS GO
Lame-o: a fair amount
Loner: Extremely high
kid that eats glue: no, I know that it's bad for the tummy

Semper fi,

(for all of you out there who don't know me)
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me llamo el nerdo.

helloooooooooo fellow nerds/geeks/whatever's. im katelyn, in case you didn't know..
I think the anthem of this community should be "It's Great to be A Nerd" by Arrogant Worms, its such a wicked awesomely funny song (by the way, ive never used the term "wicked" to describe how awesome something is, so that was new for me... haha it reminds me of how people say "that was madd cool". lol) um, yeah so I'll post the lyrics to it here and I guess tell me what you think... but, yeah, okay.


It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
The only light we ever see is from our monitor

We argue about comic books and Internet connections
The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention
Our Town's not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phased by a Borg

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We wear our Star Trek uniforms and talk like Captain Kirk

We have our own heroes, who we try to emulate,
I dream of one day being as sexy as Bill Gates
We hate watching sports cause were reading Carl Sagan
But we'd watch the Olympics if they played Dungeons and Dragons

I'm A hobbit

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We think Tolkien was a genius and Shakespeare was a turd

We rarely get a date, or get talked to by a girl
Unless they're having trouble with their Algebra homework
Were emotionally bereft and sexually frustrated
But we can download photographs of agent Scully naked

(Nerdish Laugh)

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We know the truth is out there but we'd have to leave our rooms

We are the nerds in your neiborhood
Polyesters a fashion statement
But theres more room on the beach for you
Cause were locked in our basement

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We like to wear colors that do not appear in nature

It's great to be a poorly dressed
Star Treking
Role Playing
90 Pound
When Wet Down
Pasty Skin
Pop Drinking
Underfed Genius
Yes, It's great to be a Nerd.

such a cool song. everyone should download it... or if you don't download songs, and want to hear it, I can make you a copy of it.
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Forgot to fill this out! Here we go, tell me if I did this wrong:

LOSER: ...Pretty high and I like it that way :-D
GEEK: yeah, high...
NERD: well, I'm not like...i'll just say moderate
BAND GEEK: I agree with Gabbie, I'm not IN band, but I adore my guitar too
WEIRDO: That's like off the scale
SOCIAL OUTKAST: I'd say low, I talk to a lot of different people
LAME-O: I like being lame:-)
LONER: low...
SMARTY PANTS: I'm not a smarty pants! nor do I want to be
KID THAT EATS GLUE: I'm pretty sure I used to...who didn't?!

That's me!

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