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what type of stereotype are you?:um...weirdo, loser, a kid that eats glue, BUT I AM NOT A FUCKING SPAZ. ALSFJ.
do you like cheese?: i live in cheese.
what do people pick on you most for?: being weird. being short. having a long, sideways, pinky toe

make us laugh:


name some hidden talents: .....i have mondey feet
hobbies: dancing, drawing stick figures, designing clothes, calling people and pretending that they were in fact the ones who called me first.
bands:greenday, aqua, the dresden dolls, alanis morisette, and other ones
movies:almost every johnny depp movie, almost famous, willy wonka, center stage, moulin rouge, chicago, and all those sex ed vidoes

politics are.....: i think i should just rule the world. then it would work out perfectly.

word association: is this the part where we're supposed to say the first thing that comes to mind?
bug: squish
free: willy
bang: head
feliz: felix the cat
zip: pants
glasses: clowns......*quivvers*

have you ever tried glue?: it kinda tasted like my grandma's homemade mayonaisse
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