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We didn't start the fire but when we are gone, it will still burn on and on and on and on.....

thanks to everyone who responded to my last post... i'm still worried about her, but she seemed to perk up a little bit today... definitley not as much as she was, but its an improvement, i guess.

last year, i read a book called "On the Fringe" and its a collection of short stories about the kids on the edge, you could say. the "geeks", "losers", "nerds" and so on.. I really learned a lot from it, and most of the stories were pretty interesting. just thought i'd reccomend it to you guys.

The book is "dedicated to every kid who has ever been called a hurtful name. And to every kid who has tried to feel superior by putting down someone else".

"Most of the time, the oddballs in your school survive on internal strength alone, lying low, staying out of the way. A few others may flaunt their differerentness by dyeing their hair garish pink or blue and goofing loudly in the hallways. A few students have even hurt so much and felt so alone that they've killed themselves."
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