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*I just posted this in my normal LJ, had to go and delete it...*sigh**

Hola, mates! It's my brothers birthday today! (17...yikes)

Um...Gabbie and I have a new idea for something really least we think it is, we have to go to the guidence counselor and ask them if we can actually do it, but ask one of us and we'll tell you what it is. It's TRES cool.

I'll give you a hint...we want to start a new club.

BUT THAT'S ALL I'LL SAY! Because...I don't want to ruin it. It's a pretty *out-there* idea, sort of.

So, about this...isn't this awesome?! I mean the community, of course. It rocks! Makes me proud to be a loser. Oh yeah...


LC (Lauren)
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