September 16th, 2004

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hey i made this community.

doubt anyone will join and if they do they won't write in it.

well they should.

it's a freeeee place.

but please if you join be a nerd.
i'll be really mad if you're not.

bye bye now :)


hey gabbie,

I just joined.

by the way, I have no life.

So I made the United States Marine Corp. my life.

which isn't really a life,

but something to hold onto.

Semper fi.
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hah i am such a loser.

glad you made this.

i also don't have much of a life at all. :-/

but i am the hugest band geek and i felt the need to join this, i think this will be good for me. if i write here lol. i've switched to writing in a handwritten journal and then my online one only sometimes so i dunno how often i'll write

but yeaaaaaa band is like my life, i barely have a social life

okay i don't have much to say lol byeeeee
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i want everyone who joins this to fill this out...(inspired by eric!!)....that is if you want to anyways.

LOSER: high
GEEK: high
NERD: moderate
BAND GEEK: moderate...i'm not in band,but i'm obsessed with my guitar
WEIRDO: extremely high
LAME-O: high
LONER: high
SMARTY PANTS: extremely low
KID THAT EATS GLUE: ahh the good ol' days....

anyways i think being a geek has it's up's and downs.
i mean,
it's cool being different and having your own opinions but
at the same time
it sucks.
a lot.

my stomach hurts.
i wish i could eat like a normal person.
this is two days in a row i have to write down binge in my food journal.

happy thursday.
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Glue rocks...


I so belong here, so here I am! Doesn't glue rock? Huh?

I'll leave you guys with a thought--

A a terrible thing to waste.

Yeah...I'm bored.



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Forgot to fill this out! Here we go, tell me if I did this wrong:

LOSER: ...Pretty high and I like it that way :-D
GEEK: yeah, high...
NERD: well, I'm not like...i'll just say moderate
BAND GEEK: I agree with Gabbie, I'm not IN band, but I adore my guitar too
WEIRDO: That's like off the scale
SOCIAL OUTKAST: I'd say low, I talk to a lot of different people
LAME-O: I like being lame:-)
LONER: low...
SMARTY PANTS: I'm not a smarty pants! nor do I want to be
KID THAT EATS GLUE: I'm pretty sure I used to...who didn't?!

That's me!

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me llamo el nerdo.

helloooooooooo fellow nerds/geeks/whatever's. im katelyn, in case you didn't know..
I think the anthem of this community should be "It's Great to be A Nerd" by Arrogant Worms, its such a wicked awesomely funny song (by the way, ive never used the term "wicked" to describe how awesome something is, so that was new for me... haha it reminds me of how people say "that was madd cool". lol) um, yeah so I'll post the lyrics to it here and I guess tell me what you think... but, yeah, okay.


It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
The only light we ever see is from our monitor

We argue about comic books and Internet connections
The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention
Our Town's not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phased by a Borg

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We wear our Star Trek uniforms and talk like Captain Kirk

We have our own heroes, who we try to emulate,
I dream of one day being as sexy as Bill Gates
We hate watching sports cause were reading Carl Sagan
But we'd watch the Olympics if they played Dungeons and Dragons

I'm A hobbit

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We think Tolkien was a genius and Shakespeare was a turd

We rarely get a date, or get talked to by a girl
Unless they're having trouble with their Algebra homework
Were emotionally bereft and sexually frustrated
But we can download photographs of agent Scully naked

(Nerdish Laugh)

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We know the truth is out there but we'd have to leave our rooms

We are the nerds in your neiborhood
Polyesters a fashion statement
But theres more room on the beach for you
Cause were locked in our basement

It's great to be a Nerd, It's great to be a Nerd,
We like to wear colors that do not appear in nature

It's great to be a poorly dressed
Star Treking
Role Playing
90 Pound
When Wet Down
Pasty Skin
Pop Drinking
Underfed Genius
Yes, It's great to be a Nerd.

such a cool song. everyone should download it... or if you don't download songs, and want to hear it, I can make you a copy of it.
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