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Icons..Like, Woah.

Icons..like whoa
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Hello and Welcome to our little icon community!

here, we will provide you with many different types of icons and the occasional friends only banner to use for your little journal type deals. mhmm.
We'll take requests, cause we're generous like that. now. on to the rules.

thanks to our layout goes to sexandcaviar @ whoafreelayouts

1. Friends Only. So Join, won't you?
2. Comment if you take something.
3. Please credit. We like to know we're being appreciated for our work.
5. If you have a request, email the information to me with the subject "Icon Request" to iconslikewhoa@yahoo.com. (This also goes for if you have a problem or something. I'd really appreciate it if you left my personal journal alone. thanks)
6. And lastly, be nice. If I find you being rude/starting shit on here, I'll ban your ass. (I'm really a nice person.)
7. Enjoy. :)