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Hello & welcome to __ICONLOVE. This is a icon community made by me, electricmemory. I love to make icons & so I thought I would make this community to spread the love. There are a couple guidlines that people MUST follow. If you do not follow the rules I will find out, I promise. It really isn't that hard kids. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the icons & just have fun with this community!


1. You must must MUST credit me if you use the icons. Please credit me in either the comments or key words of the user pictures. But it has to be one of those. DO NOT JUST LINK ME IN YOUR USERINFO. I WANT IT IN THE COMMENTS/KEY WORDS. kthnx.

2. Do not alter my icons in any way. I worked hard on them & if you change them like a tiny bit & claim them as your own..it is still STEALING. They were still my ideas & hard work in the first place.

3. Please tell me if you are using my icons. All you have to do is comment in the post that the icons are showed telling me you took number whatever.

Those are the only rules for now. But who knows, I may add more.

P.S. - I do take suggestions. I do NOT take requests. Confused? Here is an example of a suggestion: Hey Chelsea, maybe in your next batch you can include a couple Britney Spears icons! That would be neat! Here's a request: omgggg could you make me an icon out of this image & I want it really sparkly with writing in this font etc. etc. The reason I do not do requests is that I really don't have the time to make something especially for someone. I'm very busy during the week & so I really can only make icons on the weekends. Yeah, it's just too much work to do requests. Sorry guys. But please, feel free to suggest away! I will most definately listen to your suggestions! :]

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