My name is Stephanie, and I'm obsessed with the movie Benny and Joon, and I have been looking for the right icon for my LJ for a while, with no luck. I've decided to request an icon to be made from this community. Anyway, I am from Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, and I'm eighteen.

here are my specifications!

¤ Size: 100 x 100, or 50 x 50
¤ Colors: n/a use your design skill
¤ Fonts: n/a you can pick something fitting
¤ What do you want it to say: throw a spark
¤ Animation: if you can, have it as a solid picture of benny and joon, and then maybe a little clip from the film itself, and if that is possible, the scene where they are kissing, just the bit where they actually kiss, here's the scene
¤ Photo: