February 21st, 2005

Michael Guerin // Roswell

Challenge One

Ok, __iconictv_ is back with a whole load of affiliates. Go check the user info for the list and check those icon challenges out as well. If you like what you see at __iconictv_, pimp us to your fellow icon makers and friends. :) Now onto the challenge.

TV Show: Charmed
Challenge: Take one or more of the screencaps from the newest Charmed episode "Show Ghouls" from the cut below and create an icon. You may add text, animation, etc. as long as you stay within __iconictv_'s rules along with LiveJournal's.
Deadline: Friday, Febuary 25 @ 11PM CST. Please submit all icons as a reply to this post. Thank you and happy iconing!

Icons, icons, icons...Collapse )