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Hey Guys,

This is Mari (dead_inside25). Yes, my acocunt has been suspended for some unfair reason, and all my posts in this community cannot be shown, of course. =/ Therefore, this community is officially closed. I dunno, maybe sometime in the future I'll re-open, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Sorry, guys. :(

I just wanted to thank you all for entering the challenges and participating. It's very much appreciated. Thank you all. <3

Stop by my new LJ (popxwhore25) if you have any comments/questions, or post here.


P.S. You can also find me @ my three active communities:
shatteredxicons- My LJ graphics community
music_aholics- My music-sharing community with Shelley belly (my bestie)
applegatefans- My Christina Applegate community
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Time to Vote!

Vote for your favorite 3 icons in order of preference. Do not vote for yourself. Also, if you could answer the small survey at the bottom when you submit your votes, that'd be great. It would help if as many people as possible could vote because it's for me to see what you guys want to see as challenges.

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Voting ends Sunday, March 27 @ 6PM EST.

Also, everyone, go check out idina_still - a new challenge community for the wonderful and talented Idina Menzel.
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Challenge #5

Show: Drama
Challenge: You can take a screencap/promo picture from any show in the genre of drama ie. ER, LOST, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Dawson's Creek. All rules apply. Text/animation is allowed but not mandatory. You can submit 2 icons - you can submit one if you like but two is the max. All submissions will be screened.
Deadline: Friday, March 25 @ 11PM EST
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(no subject)

Sorry I'm so late but I wanted to post the winners and banners at the same time but, unfortunately, my PSP is acting up so I can't make them at the moment but we are looking for banner makers. So if you interested, reply to the thread with a sample and I'll get back to you. :)

First Place

- cinderella29

Second Place

- x_rated_loop

Third Place

- peachykeen

Mod's Choice

- undamaged

New challenge shall be up soon or tomorrow at the latest.
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Voting time!

Fab entries this week you guys! Now it's time to vote.

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Vote for your top 3 in order of preference. DO NOT vote your yourself. Voting will end Sunday, March 20 @ 6PM EST.

I've opened a new icon challenge community - chrono_ros. It's dedicated to the all too soon canceled show, Roswell. So if you're a fan, go ahead and join!
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(no subject)


The deadline for icon entries for challenge 4 is due just a few hours (11PM EST) so there's still a few hours left if you haven'r had a chance to enter yet. The challenge can be found here.
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Challenge #4

Ok, the votes have spoken and we have a winner. Great turnout last week and I hope we have a better one this week since it was you guys who chose the challenge! :D

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Challenge: Take any screencap or promo pic from the show and make an icon. Animations are allowed as well as text. You may submit a maximum of two icons. One is fine but two is the max. All entries will be screened. PLease follow the rules and have fun!

Freeze Fame Network is an excellent place to find screencaps to a lot of the episodes.

Deadline: Friday, March 18 @ 11PM EST
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Ok, everyone, it's time to vote! :D Great entries as always and I'm pretty happy with the turn-out. Please follow the rules and pick your top 3 favorite icons in order of preference and do not vote for yourself. All votes will be screened. Also, I'm adding in another poll of what challenge you would like to be ran next week out of 5 choices so pick what you like and the greatest turn out will be challenge #4. :)

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Voting closes Sunday, March 13 @ 6PM EST.
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