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Icon requests suckah
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Icon Request Community. Weird, Random..whatever you need.
Tired of waiting endlessy for big communities to fill your icon needs?
Need help with an icon? But can't seem to get it right?
We will try to fill your request as quickly as possible.

I have had this community open for a couple of months now, and I still don't
mind making icons for people. But it gets rather difficult for myself and the other who create
when we can not understand what you want done with your icon. So I ask anyone who requests to
DOUBLE CHECK your post. From now on, I want to see all requests use the form. If you do not
use the form, and your request isn't done...it's probably because we couldn't figure out what
you wanted so do not complain. When you post, try to be direct and exact with what you want done
with the icon. The better you explain what you want, the better your icon will be in the finish.

Sloppy requests = sloppy icons.

Oh and ps: 300 some odd pages of lyrics will not fit on an icon.
Nor will 10 pictures fit under livejournals 40k limit.
Do not ask for icon requests in teh comments of other requests, join and post your own
separate request.

now on to the rules:
(ignore these, and you're banned)

1. NO DIRECT-LINKING..Right click and save on your own computer.

2. This community is not open for just anyone to fill requests.
If you'd like to help with icons, email me at bluespun.desperation@gmail.com
with some examples of your work..We do not need resizers.

3. Use LJ-CUT LJ CUT TUTORIAL when posting
a request with more than one picture. (this is common sense but some
people do not have it I suppose: If your picture is larger than let's say
300x300, it needs to go behind a cut..thanks)

4. We also make banners, headers and other things. If you are requesting
a header, please be VERY exact with what you want done.

5. Tired of simple looking icons? Have an example of something fancy you'd like?
Put it in with the request, and we will try to create it how you want.

6. One Request per person per day. Or until your current request has been filled. Please
do not make multiple requests until further notice, thanks.

7. When I check the community, I want to see requests. NOT promotions for
different communities. All those do are clog things up.

8. Have a rather nasty opinion about someones ideas for an icon? Keep it to yourself.
There will be NO racist or prejudiced remarks made here..If you are caught, you're
banned. If you'd like to report something you think is unfair to me, email me at


THE FORM: (copy and paste)

What size: (this is mainly for banners, but some people like small icons)

What do you want wrote on the icon and where:

Do you want a particular font?

Font color?

A border perhaps? Color?

Any animation? (fading, dissolving, etc)

Anything else?

BUTTONS, liNks, and other information.
(ps. info on how to use the button is located in the memories)

teh mod: turkeysock
examples of my crap: go.
I can be reached at:
AIM: alleviate within
yahoo: bluespun_desperation
email: bluespun.desperation@gmail.com


(Is it that hard to read the rules)
___breathe0nme (not reading the rules)
_invalidx (not reading the rules)
flamingape (rule #2)
hatedfreak (rule #7)