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Name: nicole
Birthday: november 6
Location: new york
Gender: female
Occupation:  n/a
Sexual Preference:  straight
Single/Taken: single

Band(s): underoath . armor for sleep . taking back sunday . the used . saosin .
Movie(s): cyote ugly . the breakfast club . legally blonde . slc punk .
Song(s): "Frost and front steps" -Armor for sleep . "Timberwolves at new jersey"- Taking back sunday . "Raindrops" -Armor for sleep .
Quote(s): "you just realize that survival is day to day and you start to grasp the depth of the human spirit and you start to understand your own abilitiy to cope no matter what" - Melba Patillo
Book(s): speak . cut . the perks of being a wallflower . donorboy . making the run .

A little deeper...
What are your hobbies/intrests?: photography . bmx . singing .
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: as a photographer living somewhere warm
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: just my ears twice, and one cartelidge..which is essentially the same thing hah
Have you drank/smoked/done drugs?: yes
If you had one day to live,what would you do?: id tell everyone exactly what i thought of them, learn a backflip on my bike, go dancing, and after all that end up back at home the boy i really care about .. and take pictures of all of it.
Who is your idol?: i dont really have one

Opinions on...:
Gay Marraige: love is not gender specific. since when is it the governments business? if straight marriges were a minorty, woud they be outlawed too?
Bush or Kerry: bush, i think kerrys a whimp.
Abortion:  only when completly nessecary, like if a woman was raped or physically unable to have or carry the baby. otherwise i think its awful and should be completly illegal. its still murder.
Religion: religon is completly the choice of the individual. no one can tell you what you should or shouldnt belive in, because then its not really faith. if you dont believe in anything at all, you cant be forced into it.
Premarital Sex: i think thats one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in your life. after you get that reputation, youll get used so much, so unless youve been with someone for a loooooooooong time or if youre engaged, i dont think its smart at all.

Word Associations
Love: hate
Cut: up angels
Pain: pleasure
Happiness: temporary
Death: to smoochy





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