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Name: Allyssa Ann (I go by Lyss)
Birthday: December 29th
Location: Soutehrn California
Gender: female
Occupation: full time high school student
Sexual Preference: straight
Single/Taken: single

Band(s): at this current moment, I'm really into The Used, The Killers, Hawthorne Heights, The Blood Brothers, Bullet Train to Vegas, Something Coporate, My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail
Movie(s): I LOVE Mrs. Doubtfire, Center Stage and Save the Last Dance
Song(s): my favorites right now Trash Flavored Trash (The Blood Brothers) and Im a Fake (The Used)
Quote(s): "Sometimes Everything Has To Fall Apart Before It Can Ever Really Fit Together Right"
Book(s): Boy Meets Boy <3

A little deeper...
What are your hobbies/intrests?: I love to hang out with my friends, listen to music, write. Im on the yearbook staff at school and I'm the copy editor. I love watching movies with my friends and just veggin out.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: either still in college or just leaving college and rooming with a few of my friends.
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: one in my left ear and two in my right
Have you drank/smoked/done drugs?: i drink occasionaly
If you had one day to live,what would you do?: spend the entire day just hanging out with my friends and family. just being crazy and having fun.
Who is your idol?: I wouldnt say i have one specific person that I look up too like an idol.

Opinions on...:
Gay Marraige: It's perfectly fine. My Best Friend is gay as well as my uncle and i really see nothing wrong with it. If you dont want a gay marrige dont have one. Love is beautiful, it doesnt matter who is in love.
Bush or Kerry: Polictics arent really big for me. Im sorry. I guess Kerry but I dont like to go into politics considering Im pretty ignorent when it comes to that and I have no idea what im talking about.
Abortion: depends entirely on the siuation. my mom had to have an abortion when she was 17 so i can understand why you would want to. but in some circumstances i dont agree with it.
Religion: Im a christian. deal with it. i go to church and i like it.
Premarital Sex: eh. probably not for me but when im in love with someone who know's what will happen ya know?

Word Associations
Love: beauty.
Cut: blade
Pain: ouch
Happiness: FUN!
Death: sad


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