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Name: Claire
Birthday: December 23, 1988
Location: Arlington, VA
Gender: girl
Occupation: high school student
Sexual Preference: straight
Single/Taken: single unfortunately

Band(s): cursive, dashboard, old tbs, brand new, straylight run, daphne loves derby, the early november, bright eyes, the cure, the smiths, death cab…the list goes on
Movie(s): donnie darko, lotr, rushmore, encino man, life as a house, lost in translation…to name a few
Song(s): Brand New- okay I believe you, but my tommy gun don’t, Taking Back Sunday-There’s No ‘I’ in team, Bright Eyes- waste of paint
Book(s): sloppy firsts/second helpings, harry potter, nothing feels good, to kill a mockingbird, the perks of being a wallflower

A little deeper...
What are your hobbies/intrests?: creating things…whether it’s a drawing for art or a mix cd for my friend or writing a short story, taking pictures with my digital camera, listening to music, good friends, emo, frolicking in the rain, the oc, warmth, Lebanese taverna, ballston, angel food smoothies, donnie darko, crosscountry track, neon colors, the internet, new underwear, thunderstorms, laughing so hard my ribs twitch and my cheeks hurt

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: I cant even imagine and that terrifies me.

Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: just two piercing in each ear. Thinking of getting my eyebrow.

Have you drank/smoked/done drugs?: no way man, hugs not drugs.

If you had one day to live, what would you do?: make peace with everyone in my life, do something that brings me utter happiness, not sure exactly what that would be.

Who is your idol?: jesse lacey.

Opinions on...:
Gay Marriage: it must absolutely be legal, prohibiting it would be simply unconstitutional. Its not up to anyone to decided who can act on their love.

Bush or Kerry: honestly, I’m not as politically aware as I should be. I was raised by two serious liberals so they have been putting down Bush for quite a while, but I couldn’t say as to who I really think would be a better leader, because I just don’t know all the facts.

Abortion: Necessary. An undeveloped, unborn child is not a person. Young people are going to make mistakes like becoming pregnant when they cannot support a child responsibly. Ultimately, it must be the mother’s choice.

Religion: religion is important to people as it gives them a source of faith and belief that is necessary to find happiness in this world. At the moment I’m not sure what to believe in. I went to Catholic school most of my life, but as I learn more about the doctrines of the Catholic Church, I feel like I cannot be part of such a religious institution, for several reasons.

Premarital Sex: I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I definitely think sex should be valued as something special for a person you love, but you do not have to be married.

Word Associations
Love: emo
Cut: from the team
Pain: suffering
Happiness: sunshine
Death: wish

Pictures. sorry cant get them to show up right. heres some links

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