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Name: sarah
Birthday: 11-18-89
Location: maryland
Gender: female
Occupation: none, hopefully ill be working at borders soon.
Sexual Preference: straight
Single/Taken: single

Band(s): senses fail, brand new, my chemical romance, the blood brothers, tbs, letterkills, underoath, thrice, the postal service,fall out boy...
Movie(s): easy rider, dazed and confused, the nightmare before christmas.
Song(s): tbs: you're cute when your scream, underoath: boy brused red in black and white
Quote(s): " sarah! ciggarettes are ILLEGAL"
Book(s): bio of marilyn monroe, what happened to lani garver

A little deeper...
What are your hobbies/intrests?: i love to paint. i love to re-construct my clothes. i love to read and write. i listen to music 24-7
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: hopefully with a fashion degree and opening my own boutique.
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: three in each ear, no tattoos.
Have you drank/smoked/done drugs?: yes
If you had one day to live,what would you do?: play with my friends<3
Who is your idol?: marilyn monroe

Opinions on...:
Gay Marraige: i dont have a problem with it, and it annoys me when others do, love is love.
Bush or Kerry: i didnt like either of them, actually. i think they were both idiots..
Abortion: under the right circumstances, abortion is ok, as in if a girl was raped. but i think other than that its wrong...the couple should have been more resonsable.
Religion: ive grown up in a christain home, and spent four years at a christain school. i hate the thought of religion. its all written rules that hypocritical people can use against "bad" people and tell them that they are going to hell, trying to scare them into being "better".

Word Associations
Love: wish
Cut: wrist
Pain: real
Happiness: please
Death: solution


well, my computer is being horribly stupid, and wont let me put pictures on here. however, i do have a picturetrail...
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