yesterday was the worst day ever
first i was on my way to a job interview
and when i got to the parking lot
i reached into my purse to get my mascara
and i felt this horrible pain.
When i brought my finger out blood was
every where. i had stabbed my middle
finger right into a razor i kept in
my purse. so i grabbed a shirt from
the back seat and wrapped my finger in it.
it bleed all the way through so i took it
off to move it around and got blood all
over the shirt i was wearing to the interview.
I was now sitting min my car 30 min with
my hand in the air and had blood dripping
dorn my arm. Finally 45 min later just as i thought
i was going to have to go to the e.r. (which
i swore i would never do again) it stopped.
I had to go to a target and buy a first aid kit
and a new shirt to wear to the inteview.
25 dollars later i was an hour late to my
interviewbut the lady was sooo nice.
I think i have the job but shes going
to call me today... ill let you know.
So then i came home and ate so much but my dad
was sleeping and his room is right next to the
bathroom so i had to go outside my house and make
myself throw up. Then last night my dad walked in
and was like.. did you get sick outside?
I looked at him all confused and he bought it but i
think my step mom knows...
fuck this is sp bad.
I think my finger need medical help
but a im scared it will hurt and b
i cant go anywhere.
bye guys
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I know that I should have thought to write this before, but I honestly did not think to until just now. I have been away for the past week, and have been unable to rate submissions. Hopefully I have not caused too much disorder!

and even though nobodies looking, she's falling apart...

dont want to lend a hand, a heart, DONT WANT TO UNDERSTAND. i could never be true, and i'll never be as good as you. i wont win, i'll fail miserably and with nothing left to dry me tears, i'll be alone, like i wanted, in the end...

sew my mouth shut with barbed wire. pull out my teeth, scratch my face and make it painful for me to see, remove my eyes... so i can see. no. evil. speak. no. evil...

i can hear muffled sounds with my hands over my ears, i'll scream and shout and never leave it alone, pick the scab, irritate.... I HATE, cant bear it, i feel crippled as i crawl to the corner, hide away, nothing left here for me to live for...

i will never be enoughCollapse )
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