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i love my music!! [entries|friends|calendar]
punk, metal, emo, alternative, whatever alternativ

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KID CUDI [26 Aug 2009|06:59pm]



Every Tuesday Dr. Pepper is giving away a free download from various artists that you can download at Imeem.

Today you can download a free MP3 of “Make Her Say” by Kid Cudi

on imeem, courtesy of Dr Pepper! I love this song so much!!


[18 Aug 2009|05:13pm]


Every Tuesday Dr. Pepper is giving away a free download from various artists that you can
download at Imeem.

Today you can download a free MP3 of “Hot Mess” by Cobra Starship on imeem, courtesy of Dr Pepper! This song is amazing. Cobra Starship is one of my fave bands right now.

kleerup [04 Aug 2009|05:31pm]

i can't stop listening to Kleerup. his album just came out in the US last week and it has songs with robyn and lykke li . i'm really into the song "longing for lullabies"

check out all his music on myspace: check it out

La Roux on Jimmy Kimmel [04 Aug 2009|11:03am]

anybody else as obsessed with La Roux as me? i can't stop dancing around to her songs. probably my favorite album of 2009 so far. watch this video of her on jimmy kimmel, she always dresses so interesting!

check her out on myspace

[16 Jul 2009|03:58pm]

The day is finally here! Watch the music video exclusively today at www.mtvmusic.com Open today, open yes, open your mind, open life, OPEN HAPPINESS!!!

Also, Check out pictures from the video shoot here! | Make sure you're following Open Happiness on Twitter for constant updates.

Open Happiness Sneek Peek! [15 Jul 2009|12:57pm]

The day is almost here! Catch the worldwide premiere and ‘making of’ video on MTV at 8:30 am EST tomorrow. Come back to www.myspace.com/openhappiness and let us know your thoughts. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, check out the MTV preview now.

Open Happiness Sneak Peek

Also, Check out pictures from the video shoot here! | Make sure you're following Open Happiness on Twitter for constant updates.

Trouble Andrew [09 Jul 2009|07:06pm]

anybody else on here into skater/snowboarder/musician Trouble Andrew? i've recently got into his music and i can't stop listening. he just finished up a tour with Santigold. i got a chance to see the live show a few nights ago and he blew me away, he definately knows how to get a crowd going! if you havent heard him yet, listen to him on myspace (click here!),or check out the video below:

also if you can, try to catch him live on tour. click here for the tour dates! and follow him on twitter!

[09 Jul 2009|02:08am]

anybody else here listen to the audition?

theyre pretty awesome, imo. They're on tour right now with the higher. their self titled record came out recently and it really suprised me. its a lot more than a poppunk record. i love the singers voice.

check them out on myspace or fuse on demand this month!

[07 Jul 2009|02:19pm]

im so excited about the new stellastarr* album. stella has always been one of my fav bands ever since i saw them play with the killers years back.

the album is really cheap like 3.99 on amazon . i picked it up just now and so far i LOVE the album and im only on track 4!

if u havent heard the new stuff. start with graffiti eyes on their myspace

tour dates under the cut:
Read more...Collapse )

[02 Jul 2009|06:40pm]

Kate Earl is one of my favorite artists lately// she's got such a nice mellow sound. i can't get enough of this girl!!!!!

Check her out on myspace! http://www.myspace.com/kateearl

also, i saw that she's having a contest on her twitter to win a free ipod touch! get the details here http://twitter.com/kateearl/status/2314521809

i really really really wanna win this. my ipod just died and i need a new one SOO bad

Esser! [01 Jul 2009|03:14pm]

esser is one of my favorite new artists. he's from the UK and his debut album is AMAZING! he recently sat down with Fader and answered some questions for him. he is so charming!

if you havent heard of him yet, Check Esser out on Myspace!

Ben Jorgenson from Armor For Sleep's Birthday Party [01 Jul 2009|02:25pm]

It's all ages, open to the public, and all you have to do to go is click here or email rsvp@sundayschoolnyc.com

SLIGHTLY STOOPID! [25 Jun 2009|03:35pm]

Hey everybody.

slightly stoopid is a great band from california. their music is a little bit reggae, a little bit hip hop, and a little bit punk. i love their style. they are going to be on tour this summer on the "blazed and confused" tour with snoop dogg. if you havent heard them yet, i definitely think you should check them out, you guys will LOVE them i bet. check out their myspace here

if you dig it, you should come hang out at the tour this summer. it's gonna be a blast!

get your tix here!

Music collection on eBay! [06 May 2009|12:13am]



I finally decided to put my overwhelming CD collection on my computer so I am selling lots of 60 CDs from my collection, this being lot 1. I'm not looking for top dollar, just someone who will enjoy this collection like I have over the years. Also 10 % of the auction profits are going to NoResolve.org, a non-profit org that uses music to help prevent suicide and depression.

Please note:

Some have jewel cases, most do not. Some have the inserts, at the very least.
All have wear & tear but have been cleaned and listened to for sound quality. There are no skips!
Must take all. Included are links to some bands you may have never heard of (shame on you BTW), so you can see if you like them PRIOR TO BIDDING.
Please ask questions before bidding. I will gladly answer all.
Remember, some of these are rare, some are CD-Rs, some are autographed, all are in good condition.

*Personal Favs

This lot includes 60 CDs:

See List of Cds...Collapse )





[ mood | determined ]

Are you an unsigned Metal act/band based in the UK?

Are you wanting to take yourselves to the top?

Are you ready for an amazing opportunity?

Yes to all of the above? Then read on...

Ten very special acts/bands are needed to appear on a metal compliation album to raise money for the NSPCC:

The CD itself will be a fully packaged and professionally recorded album of original metal tracks from unsigned acts/bands throughout the UK.

It will be advertised both locally and nationally, in press, radio and possibly television (via local news shows etc.)

It will be sold both nationally and locally in shops (we are aiming for the big chains), at festivals, at gigs and via the internet.

We are talking BIG exposure here - being on this album will give you a massive promotion opporunity, as well as commanding the attention of the UK metal scene - and who knows where it will lead?

We need 10 bands/acts to record one of their tracks for the album.

It will be recorded in a new professional purpose-built recording studio based in Hull (East Yorkshire).

The Sound engineer and producer of the album will be Dan Foster, who studied Engineering/Production at the prestigious school of audio engineering (SAE) where upon graduation he went on to work with artists such as Sweet Box, Dana International, Jane Macdonald and Manchester United to name a few.

Additional to this Dan has worked extensively in the Radio industry and toured internationally as a professional Keyboard player. Boasting 25 years of musical expertise, he is the perfect man to bring this project to life!

The aim is to record each band, one after the other, in 10 days. We are looking for a film maker to make a fly-on-the-wall documentry about the making of this charity CD that will hopefully be sold in DVD form with the album as a special edition version.

The recording of this album is being seen as an event in itself, with the best unsigned metal bands coming together from throughout the UK to end child cruelty. We hope to raise the profile of metal music in the general publics eyes by taking this often misunderstood/feared genre and doing something positive with it. Think about it - you could be a part of a change in the perception of metal music as a whole!

We need each band to COMMIT FULLY to this project - to push this album as much as possible - to do some leg work by contacting their local press/radio/TV (which ever part of the UK your from!) and generally making sure this album is in the public eye. we need lots of copies of this CD sold to help vulnerable children in the UK!

Think you have what it takes?

Send us your myspace URL (hopefully with somesort of demo up so we can see what you sound like!) and an explanation of why you believe you should be included on the album to this myspace:


or email:


Thank you for taking the time to read this, please re-post so we can spread the word!

best music movie ever [24 Mar 2009|08:42pm]


i saw the movie at sxsw called "anvil! the story of anvil", but it comes out april 10. it was basically incredible and the real life spinal tap. there's more stuff at anvilmovie.com

[15 Mar 2009|01:48pm]
<a href="http://WWW.SYSTEMEDESTREET.COM/CDA5240F87574D8387EBDE8FEC733210/tracklink.asp?guid=30DB6AF7CB2B415783F41C5945CAE460" target="_blank"><img src="http://media.godashboard.com/julienk/JK-InStoresNow-350x200.gif"></a>

Hoobastank return with New Video and Tour with 3DD [21 Jan 2009|03:18pm]

Hoobastank are back with a new single called "My Turn". The video is based on Rock Band video game, so you can choose your own players and background. Make your own on myturn.hoobastank.com

I decided to keep all of Hoobastank but change out the guitarist with some old dude playing air guitar and of course I put the Patron Saints of AWESOME: Ice-T and Coco as the background:

Please try to out do me.

Oh, and the band is going on tour with 3 Doors Down and Hinder:
Wednesday, January 28 - Hard Rock Café - Orlando, FL
Saturday, January 31 - Freebird Cafe - Jacksonville Beach, FL
Monday, February 2 - Captain Hiram''s Sand Bar - Sebastian, FL
Tuesday, February 3 - Soul Kitchen - Mobile, AL
Wednesday, February 4 - The City Club - Houma, LA
Friday, February 6 - Ford Arena - Beaumont, TX
Saturday, February 7 - Concrete Street Pavillion - Corpus Christi, TX
Tuesday, February 10 - Midland Horseshoe Arena - Midland, TX
Wednesday, February 11 - Amarillo Civic Center - Amarillo, TX
Friday, February 13 - Cajun Dome - Lafayette, LA
Saturday, February 14 - CenturyTel Center - Bossier City, LA
Tuesday, February 17 - Broadbent Arena - Louisville, KY
Wednesday, February 18 - DeltaPlex - Grand Rapids, MI
Friday, February 20 - US Cellular Coliseum - Bloomington, IL
Saturday, February 21 - Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN
Monday, February 23 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
Tuesday, February 24 - Hammerstein Ballroom - New York, NY
Friday, February 27 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT
Saturday, April 25 - Northern Lights Casino - Walker, MN - Buy Tickets
Sunday, April 26 - Northern Lights Casino - Walker, MN - Buy Tickets
Friday, May 15 - Sunset Station Outdoor Amphitheater - Las Vegas, NV

shoot me

Download full Foo concert - 4/3/96, Toronto - rare performances and early foo [05 Oct 2008|09:38am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I uploaded a full Foo Fighters concert from '96 (4/3/96, Toronto) for the foo fighters bbs, but decided I'll share it as well.

This show has some rare performances...
*Chicken Derby (aka My Poor Brain)
*Satan's in the Manger jam
*Floaty (Petra on vocals)

It also has a lot of early foo and pocketwatch stuff... e.g. winnebago, butterflies, podunk, gas chamber, etc.

Here are my other full concerts. I can upload them on a per request basis (since they take a long time to upload). It's not just all foo (tho mostly):

[17 Sep 2008|12:48pm]

Punk rock 70-90 http://community.livejournal.com/funhouse_x/profile

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