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1. No talking back to the Mods or members. If you do, you will be banned.
2. You have 48 hours after you join to submit an application.
3. This community is based on personality and looks. Spend some time and effort on your application, please.
4. Make sure your pictures are CLEAR. If they aren't, you will be asked to post more. If your pics still suck, you're not going to get in. period.
5. Do NOT delete your application. I promise things will be worse for you if you do.

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^^Just a note, this one is my hoe. I'm very protective, so be warned, if you mess with him, I will beat you down. Now you know.

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copy and paste this exactly and just fill it out. don't use rich-text mode, or I will smack you.

and to promote, use this banner:

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Good luck.
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