im in somebody else's class and the seniors @ my school are taking finals.anyway my bestfriend.im gonna call her "M" IS lookin so damn fine today.if only it was still my 8th grade year when we use to fool around...i wonder if "m" thinks about re-hookin up sometimes because it has been on my mind alot latley.maybe thats b cuz the ex boyfriend is leavin for college tomorrow(goodbye to the greatest sex ever)i feel kinda sorry for my next prospect.they got alot to live up to.
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Hey people, I got an email from lj saying that this community has been reported for spamming. Apparently someone or a couple of people promoted where they weren't allowed to. I don't know who it was, it could've been me. Please be careful where you promote. Thanks.

dr horrible


alright, so, people who joined and haven't applied yet...

lost_is_all... Kaci my dear, please submit an app., lol, preferably by tomorrow night.

jetergurl36... I'll need your app. by Friday at... say... 6 p.m.

Thanks guys! ♥
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