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sexual preferance:im a boy lover!

5 + bands: foo fighters,coldplay,copeland,cool hand luke,seether
5 + movies:edward scissorhands,james and the giant peach,big fish,charlie and the chocolate factory,night mare before christmas
actor:jhonny depp
actress:julia roberts
color:pink and green
2 + books:go ask alice,a bend in the road

[[your opinions on]]
abortion:i dont like it, i could never do it but to one their own! i know it has helped teen aged girls get their lifes back to normal because they dont have to deal with a baby but i think it is murder and i couldnt do it!
gay marriage: marriage is about love and if someone loves someone else they should get married now matter what their sex is, just like it doesnt matter what their race is.

who is your role model and why:jesus, i wish i could be more like him. i try everyday just with little stuff like not not stealing or to not lie and little things like that!
describe yourself in one word:fun

[[last words]]
why should we accept you:because i rock! just kidding! i do kinda rock though! i love to have fun and i love to meet new people! plus i can tell it like it is!
what can you do for this community:i tell it like it is! i love to have fuN! and laugh, and i know alot of people that are hott like whoa!

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Image hosted by this is the only body shot i have!
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