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name: Gabrielle
sex: female
age: 15
location: New York
sexual preferance: straight
birthday: March 17th, 1990
sign: pisces

5 + bands: Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, Queen, Ac Dc, and Led Zeppelin
5 + movies: Scarface, Married to the Mob, It Takes Two, all the Rocky movies, The Breakfast Club
actor: Sylvestor Stallone [i probably spelled it wrong lol]
actress: Michelle Pfieffer
color: red
2 + books: Finding Forrestor, Where the Heart is

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: i don`t support it.. if you don`t want the kid, then give it up for adoption rather than having an abortion
gay marriage: i totally support it

who is your role model and why: my mom because she`s been through a lot, but she`s always there for me and my little sisters no matter what
describe yourself in one word: random!
[[last words]]

why should we accept you: i`ll rate other members and be active in the community
what can you do for this community: i`ll promote it and try to get some of my friends to join




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