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name: blythe
sex: female
age: sixteen
location: philly
sexual preferance: bisexual (if you dont like it, TOO BAD. open up your minds, people.)
birthday: september 11th!
sign: im a Virgo :D

5 + bands: all sorts! AFI, From First To Last, The Used, A Static Lullaby, My Chemical Romance, Jets To Brazil, Led Zeppelin, The Misfits, Estina...the list never stops!!
5 + movies: donnie darko, the united states of leland, south park, apocalypse now, the village, akira, cowboy bebop, the last samurai....
actor: ethan hawke
actress: kate beckinsale
color: purple!
2 + books: the river king by alice hoffman and stiff by mary roach

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: i personally would never do such a thing, but people have the right to choose. i would never look down on someone who aborts their child, because they had a reason to do so.
gay marriage: im all for it!!!

who is your role model and why: davey havok, because he is a kickass singer and musician, and he is totally sXe (straight edge). quite admirable!
describe yourself in one word: open

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: because ill rock your socks, YO!! lol and i have a cool eccentric personality.
what can you do for this community: be an active member and be fun!! am also a good critic.


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