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sexual preferance: im trisexual- i will try anything once, samantha from sex and the city said that!! she is cool i love her!!
sign: libra

5 + bands: Queen, The Cranberries, The beatles, ABBA, Dido, The counting crows, blink 182 sometimes!!,
5 + movies: dirty dancing, pretty in pink, grease, chicago, 10 things i hate about you, romeo and juliet, i robot (i know its kinda the odd one out right? i love it when will smith goes OH HELL NO, swooon)
actor:Johnny Depp, beautiful. and river pheonix, THE definition of hotness!!
actress:Audrey Hepburn, she is a ledge!! (my word for ledgend, i say it ALL the time so you will have to excuse me)
2 + books: noughts and crosses, that made me cry soo much, stargirl... the BEST story in the world, the secret dreamworld of a shopaholic

[[your opinions on]]
abortion:i am pro choice, its really up to the woman, if she doesnt want the baby then thats up to her, pregnacy is an awful hard thing to go through especially when you dont want it
gay marriage: i think it is ridickerous that anybody would ever think that its unreasonable for gays to marry. how exactly is it so differesnt to hetrosexual marriage anyway?

who is your role model and why: anybody who has a happy life and has felt proud of themselves for doing something that makes a difference. i have always wanted to make a difference, even if it is just to one person.
describe yourself in one word: chipper

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: cause i am a very nice person really, apart from my AWFUL taste in music, people make fun of it all the time but i dont care I AM HOTT LIKE WHOA, even if it is just on the inside... in the summer
what can you do for this community: i can cheer people up with my sparkling personality!!

i am on the bottom

whoo hoo, this time im at the top

...on the left!!!

GOODBYE, happy deciding

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