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name: Myranda,Davis
sexual preferance:Straight
birthday: Feb. 28,1989
sign: Pisces

5 + bands: Taking back sunday, slipknot, finch, funeral for a friend,atreyu, fall out boy, matchbook romance, coheed and cambria, as i lay dying, brand new, dashboard confessional
5 + movies: detriot tock city, elf (me and my friends DIE laughing), donnie darko,girl interrupted, white oliander(sp?)
actor: ashton kutcher
actress: Sarah jessica parker
color: black/red
2 + books: red rose-- stephen king, the stand--stephen king

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: it's pro-choice your body your decision. i think it's wrong if you just kill it b/c you can tho.
gay marriage: fine by me as long as i don't have to hear stories eck!! hehe

who is your role model and why: my mother b/c she has alot of the charactersitcs that I'm going to need when i get older and shes awesome (when i'm talking to her) she listens to all the same bands as me and she goes to the shows with me when no one else will! how cool is that?!??!?!
describe yourself in one word: outgoing

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: i think i can be a good tribute to this community
what can you do for this community: be active and add good suggestions, tips, and whatnot

(then add 3+ pictures of yourself.)

http://tinypic.com/p6uco I'm on the right

http://tinypic.com/p6uea just me  :-)

http://tinypic.com/p6uis NOW I'm on the left



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