Mamasita, Chula Sexy Chica (locked_up_rebel) wrote in __hottlikewhoa,
Mamasita, Chula Sexy Chica


name: *RAQUEL*
sex: female
age: 16
location:  cali at the moment
sexual preferance: males
birthday: march 29th
sign: aries

5 + bands: taking back sunday, lost prophets, linkin park, good charlotte, hoobastank
5 + movies: sixteen candles, 10 things i hate about you, ferris bueller's day off, the princess bride, the italian job
actor: orlando bloom
actress: catherine zeta-jones
color: green
2 + books: the handmaid's tale, song of solomon

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: it's murder
gay marriage: it's their life, not mine

who is your role model and why:  mariah carey because she has a beautiful voice and is still going after all she's been through...oh...and she has a whole room just for shoes.
describe yourself in one word: exuberant

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: you should accept me because you look like you need more people and because i'll follow the rules.
what can you do for this community: add to your members list and promote it on my page.




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