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name: lisa
sex: female
age: 16
location: indiana most of the time.
sexual preferance: straight
birthday: may 12, 1988
sign: taurus

5 + bands: brand new, hawthorne heights, the honour recital, mae, from first to last.
5 + movies: fight club, quills, the breakfast club, 28 days later, pirates of the carribean.
actor: johnny depp(edward norton, orlando bloom)
actress: marilyn monroe+lindsay lohan.
color: yellow, black, blue
2 + books:cut, a child called it, harry potter, a tree grows in brooklyn.

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: i definately dont agree with it. a baby's heartbeat begins only 3 weeks after it is concieved, so people who say that it isnt murder...they're wrong. it is murder. i also dont believe that because 2 people made and irresponsible mistake, that they should be able to take the life of another.
gay marriage: nothing against it, at all. i think you love who you love, and if it happends to be someone of the same sex, then so be it. i have nothing again gay marriage, and i think it should be allowed everywhere, not just massachusettes.

who is your role model and why: marilyn monroe+lindsay lohan. just because i love beautiful women. girls who are sexy, and gorgeous, and hott are awesome because they have this amazing amount of self confidence.
describe yourself in one word: determined.

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: well, i thought the people here seemed really cool, and i thought it was awesome that there was a community devoted to people who were proud of their looks. i just think that this community is plain awesome.
what can you do for this community: anything that needs to be done i guess. i can help when people apply and i can help the mods with their work too. whatever has to be done.

(then add 3+ pictures of yourself.)

lots of clevage...sorry.


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