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survey and pictures
name: Felicia
sex: Female
age: 14
location: Charlotte, NC
sexual preferance: Straight
birthday: March 28th
sign: Aries

5 + bands: Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, Anti-Flag, Silverstein, Atreyu, Letters To Cleo, Sugarcult, Dashboard Confessional, The Ramones, The Vines, JET, Sum 41, AFI, Linkin Park
5 + movies: 10 Things I Hate About You, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dirty Dancing, Grind, Coyote Ugly, Nick Of Time, Scary Movie, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap *with Lindsey Lohan*
actor: Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom
actress: Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts, Marilyn Monroe, Rachel Leigh Cook
color: Blue, Pink, Black, Silver
2 + books: 1st To Die, Where are the children?, To Kill A MockingBird, Harry Potter series *i know, i know, but there good*, To Have & To Hold.

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: I think that if the woman was raped, or having the baby puts her in danger, or the birth control pills or condom doesnt work, then she should have the right to have an abortion. If they were being a slut and sleeping around and knew what could happen, then i dont think she should have an abortion. But if we pass the law of pro-life, then people who were sleeping around could just lie and say the birth control pills didn't work and get away with it that easily, so theres not much point to that law. So i guess pro-choice?
gay marriage: I think that if someone wants to spend the rest of their life with the same sex, they should be able to. By them being married, their not hurting us, it's not killing us or anything. And when people say it shouldn't be allowed, just because they think it's gross isn't much of a reason. It's not going to kill us if the same sex gets married. People make it seem like such a big deal, when it really isn't. I think that if thats who they want to be with, then go right ahead, im fine with it!

who is your role model and why: My Neighbor, Stefanie. She's a Senior, and she's just so cool. She has really good advice, and she's not afraid to be herself. Were alot alike, so we really understand each other. She'll tell you to be yourself, and she's totally awesome.This might not seem like a very good reason to yall, but to me it is, because she's just such a cool person, I'd want to be like her.
describe yourself in one word: wow, thats a hard one. I'm alot of things at once, so I guess either outgoing or hyper because when im with my friends, im everywhere. We act stupid, but it's fun =D

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: I thinki'd be a good addition to the community. I like to have fun, and I'd help with anything that I can.
what can you do for this community: Once my friend burns Adobe Photoshop I can make banners, but i can help rate people, and ask for people to join, etc.
Me last October
Spring Pictures 2004. Not the best picture lol.
Me & Shannon right before the semi-formal back in May.

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