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name: Casey
sex: Female
age: 15 in less than a month =( does that count?
location: ATL, Georgia (In the metro area)
sexual preferance: straight
birthday: August 17, 1989
sign: Leo =)

5 + bands: Yellowcard, Coheed and Cambria, SOTY (Story of the Year for those of you who don't know), Dave matthews band, Sugarcult, Taking back sunday
5 + movies: The virgin suicides, Pirates of the Carribbean, Finding Nemo [ =) heh], Spiderman 2, Billy Madison, The notebook
actor: Toby mcguire, Johnny depp, and Adam sandler..
actress: Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan
color: Pink, and blue
2 + books: <3 the Harry Potter books (Yeh i'm a dork I know =), The Notebook, The Virgin Suicides, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants =P (It sounds weird.. but it's really a good book.), She Said Yes (It's a true story about a girl who died in the Columbine High School shootings), To Kill a Mockingbird

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: My opinion on abortion... *hm* Well, I wouldn't do it. I can tell you that. I don't see how anyone could have another human life in their own hands, in THEMSELVES... and then take that life away because of the mistake they think they made. I do however, think it should be an option. I'm pro-choice on the subject. I mean... what if the girl was raped? It costs money to put children up for adoption... money alot of people don't have. What if she didn't want to live her life with a child she looked at every day... just to remind her of something horrible that happend? If she didn't want to put the child through knowing that.I just think that there are exceptions to every rule...
gay marriage: I'm all for it. I'm personally really mad that the president and other politicians are pushing and pushing to make and keep it illegal. I myself am striahgt.. but I don't think that gay marriage is wrong AT ALL. After all, you can't help who you fall in love with. That's fate's desicion. That's just life.

who is your role model and why: My cousin Amy. She's 19 now. She got pregnant when she was 17... But unlike most 17 year old girls would, She didn't just completely break down, She didn't get an abortion... or give her child up. She took responsibility for what she did. She got a job, and she supports her child herself. She's just an amazing person. She's independant...and really perseverant And I don't think i've ever known her to be selfish. She helps other people before she helps herself.
describe yourself in one word: Spectacular [ ;) Tehe. Just kidding.] The only word I could use to describe myself.. would be "me". I'm not really like alot of other people. And I don't like being cliche. So yeah. "me".

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: Because i'm amazingly hot. And cool. And when people see me.. they go *whoa*. Yeah just kidding. I don't necessarily think you should... But I think I might be a good addition. I get along with people well and I could help with things that need to be done. =)
what can you do for this community: I can promote, and rate the new members. Really I can do whatever i'm asked to do.

Me and my best friend. Hopefully you can tell that's me on the left =P. Hah.

Me being scared. Or thoughtful. Or shy ... Just whatever you wanna think it looks like.

.. Me being silly =)

**Okay well that's me. Feel free to say anything you want to... But please at least try to be nice! <33 **


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