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age:18 in 4 days!
sexual preferance: straight
birthday:22nd July 1986
sign: Cancer

5 + bands: no doubt, silverchair, 311, taproot, blink182, evanescense, dludacris, dashboard confessional, incubus, usher, boyz II men, mariah.
5 + movies: thirteen, serendipity, harry potter, lord of the rings, bruce almighty
actor: jim carey, jack nickelson, matthew perry
actress: lindsay lohan, elizabeth hurley
color: ORANGE
2 + books: harry potter books, Mask.

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: it's effin stupid. if you knew you couldn't afford to bring a baby into the world; then you should've thought of that waaayy earlier. once you know you're pregnant; don't kill your baby. there are ways to work it out rather than killing YOUR OWN daughter / son.

gay marriage: in my opinion its all up to them. it can also look sexy when they make out. hahah. ;)

who is your role model and why: my dad cuz eventhough he's a successful engineer, he still has time for the family and hasn't lost track to the music industry; from elvis, to bee gees, beatles, deep purple, metallica, black sabbath, ozzy osbourne, limp bizkit, the strokes, evanescense, and on. he still goes to concerts, and dances around when feels like it.
describe yourself in one word: funky

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: because i make people go WHOA. *snort.
what can you do for this community: promote, make banners, and VOTE. teehee.


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