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name: ali !
sex: female
age: 14
location: Fort Myers, Fla
sexual preferance: straight
birthday: june 22, 1990
sign: cancer

5 + bands: dashboard, yellowcard, brand new, sugarcult, story of the year.
5 + movies: thirteen, bring it on, the notebook, grease, chicago
actor: adam sandler
actress: rachel mcadams
color: pink + green
2 + books: lovely bones, gossip girls series

[[your opinions on]]
abortion: I would only get an abortion if I were too young to have the baby. Otherwise, you can`t just get rid of a life you`re bringing into the world.
gay marriage: I support it. If you love the same sex, don`t let anyone stop you ! You should have the same rights as those who are straight. And you were born that way .. so no one can tell you who to love.

who is your role model and why: my mom, she`s a hard worker, she brounght me here and she`s tought me so much. and she`s beautiful !
describe yourself in one word: captivating

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: because I will PROMOTE ! and brong fun to the community
what can you do for this community: ^ promote !

me + uncle gary

mark me + kay


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